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Full Range Head and Foot Comfort Positions
Ease aches and pains and relax in comfort with full range head or foot positions, accommodate any sleep position. Raise your head to reduce snoring and relieve neck tension.

Wireless Backlit Remote Control
Operate your adjustable base by a remote, that can raise or lower your head and feet independently, or together. The Flat Button lowers the bed with a single touch.

Battery Backup
During a power outage, the battery backup feature lowers the bed to a flat position with the touch of a button.

Fits Inside Most Standard Bed Frames
Allows you to keep your current wood or metal side rails. Simply put the lifestyle base into your current side rails.

Gravity Release Safety Feature
The gravity release safety feature lowers the mattress by gravity, never powering downwards to minimize pinch points.

Zero-G Preset Position
One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back.

One Touch Flat Button
Quick and easy one touch flat feature to lower your lifestyle base to a flat position.

Recessed Steel Legs
Provide additional safety and keep you from hitting you toes when making the bed by locating the feet in from the edges.

Recessed Steel Adjustable Legs of 4” or 8” leg height.
Single Deck Design – Deck Height = 1.5”

Greater Lift Capacity
Heavy-Duty steel frame for maximum lifting capacity. Weight Capacity for TwinXL, Full, and Queen is 850lbs evenly
distributed across the base.

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